Signature Smacks

Get to Know Our Signature Smacks

At Smack Pie Pizza, we encourage everyone to build their pizza the best way they can. Sometimes, you just need a classic pie that never disappoints. Our Signature Smacks are on the menu and ready to be built perfectly just for you (and if you want to specialize the recipe with your own suggestions, we won't be offended).

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1 Original Smack

1. The Original Smack Pie

Our classic number one. The world famous pepperoni pizza with our original red sauce, Smack Pie cheese blend & classic pepperoni or spicy.

3 BBQ Smack Down

3. BBQ Smack Down

The Smack Pie Pizza version of the BBQ Chicken pizza. We top our specialty BBQ sauce with the Smack Pie cheese blend and our fresh chopped chicken with roasted bell peppers, green onions and bacon finished with our famous chipotle pesto.

5 Vegetarian

5. Vegetarian

Veggie fans rejoice! Not only is all of our produce always fresh but it is always local. Our Vegetarian Smack begins with the original red sauce or olive oil and is topped with tomatoes, green bell peppers, red onions, mushrooms with finished with a roasted red bell pepper pesto.

7 Lip Smackin’ Sizzle

7. Lip Smacking Sizzle

Sometimes you need something that just turns up the heat! Our Lip Smacking Sizzle has a spicy buffalo sauce, with buffalo chicken, blue cheese and fresh chopped celery finished with ranch or buffalo sauce for an added kick.

9 “Meat” the Smack Daddy

9. Meat the Smack Daddy

This all meat marvel is a carnivore's dream. Original red with fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, spicy pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, salami & Canadian bacon. Veggies need not apply!

2 Classic Margherita

2.  Classic Margherita

A new world take on an old word favorite. Our Margherita comes with red sauce or Corto Olive Oil with fresh Mozzarella, hand cut basil and a reduced Balsamic glaze.

4 Pesto Chicken

4. Pesto Chicken

Our Pesto Chicken is a lighter Smack. Featuring fresh roasted chicken chopped with our blanca sauce, roasted red bell peppers, artichoke hearts, hand cut basil, red onions and bacon finished with classic pesto.

6 Double Bacon Smack

6. Double Bacon Smack

Smack Pie’s twist on the classic Hawaiian double the bacon! Pineapple and Canadian bacon with crispy bacon with the original red sauce or BBQ sauce. Add a sweet chili finish for an ever tastier twist!

8 Date My Bacon

8. Date My Bacon

Date my Bacon is designed for the people who need sweet and savory. With a blanca sauce, fresh chopped dates, caramelized onions, blue cheese and covered in bacon, this Smack sings with our reduced Balsamic glaze.

10 Lodi Grape Pie

10. Lodi Grape Pie

In honor of the rich history of  Lodi, CA, this rich pie is almost a desert but not quite. With blanca sauce, blue cheese and Lodi grown grapes, this Smack is wonderful with a reduced Balsamic glaze.